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Packaging/ Labeling Flexibility is our strengths
Packaging/ Labeling Flexibility is our strengths
We offer a comprehensive and personalized service in the field of packaging and labeling. From the tripped loose goods in the bucket through the packaging in neutral boxes up to the packaging and labeling in requested boxing and covering boxes. Flexibility and the implementation of individual customer specifications for compliance with packaging and delivery requirements are our absolute strength.ImageImageImageImageImageImage
Flexible and individual types of packaging and labels:
Quantity, weight, packing according to individual customer specifications

Packing versions Tripped loose

Neutral box/printed box

Box with window

Bag/Bag with tagging (imprinted, with label etc.)


Packaging with header label



Neutral covering box/printed covering box

Labeling black & white - label/colored label

Multiple labels

Black& white cover box label/colored cover box label

Multiple cover box labels

ServicesPackaging in delivered packages

Packaging in delivered cover boxes

Sticking labels

Labeling with delivered labels

Delivery On disposable pallet/on reusable pallet

According to customer specifications

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